Does Social Anxiety Hold You Back?

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Author: Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW
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Does Social Anxiety Hold You Back?

In the “Anxiety Disorders” section ksalol xanax alprazolam tablets of the manual entitled
“Diagnostic Criteria from DSM IV,” which is used for the
diagnosis of mental health conditions, there are 12 anxiety
diagnoses covered.

The fifth, and what may appear to be a soft diagnosis, is Social
Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder). In contrast to “Posttraumatic
Stress Disorder,” “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” and “Panic
Disorder” this diagnosis may seem to be lighter than the rest.

Please don’t be fooled by names or the sound of names or even
the fact that many of the others have achieved more press time.
Social phobia is a very real threat to the quality of life for
many individuals.

What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Glad you asked. Following is
a list of life areas impacted by social anxiety —

1. Meeting new people
2. Answering the door
3. Interacting with merchant clerks at banks, grocery
stores etc.
3. Setting appointments with doctor’s offices etc.
4. Attending church
5. Buying or returning items at retail outlets
6. Sick days where your anxiety has made you sick
7. Driving (fear other drivers looking at or thinking of
8. Paying at the gas station
9. Eating in front of other people
10. Signing your name in front of others
11. Attending or hosting social events
12. Dating
13. Talking in a small or large group
14. Expressing your opinion
15. Performance situations, such as playing on an athletic
team, singing in a choir etc.
16. May or may not have panic attacks
17. Fear of what others are thinking of you
18. Fear of being embarrassed or humiliated