Which of the 5 RDK Weight Loss Products Is Right for You?

RDK pharmaceutical are based in Dallas Texas, and with customer support comprised of 50 plus members with their weight loss products manufactured in registered FDA labs, you can be assured they are a reputable and established pharmaceutical company.

Adiphene, their latest product since their release of Phen375, which has proved to date their most popular brand for dieting, is an all-in-one diet pill that introduces a 5-in-1 formulation designed to treat a wide range of dieting issues.

1. Adiphene All-in-One Dietary Supplement

Adiphene’s key ingredients: Glucomannan, Chitosan extract and Guarana extract.

In short, Adiphene consists of the following:

1 Fat binder
2 Thermogenic boosters
5 Stimulants
1 Appetite suppressant
3 Fat metabolizers

Adiphene is both a fat and carbohydrate blocker which means you absorb fewer calories when digesting a meal.

At the same time your hunger is reduced and your metabolism is increased, giving you a boost in energy as your body breaks down fat stores and calories at a faster rate – all from one blue capsule taken twice daily.

Adiphene’s key benefits:

Binds unwanted fats preventing them being digested passing out as waste
Naturally curbs your hunger
Increases metabolic rate naturally
Burns more fats and calories – quicker, faster and efficiently
Sold worldwide – 30 money back guarantee

2. Phen375 Appetite Suppressant and Fat Burning Combo

Phen375’s key ingredients: L-Carnitine and Cayenne Pepper.

Phen375 was established in 2009 as was manufactured as a replacement to Phentermine, which can only be purchased through presciption.

Specifically a fat burner and an appetite suppressant, it is designed to first reduce your hunger quite substantially and then raise your metabolic rate breaking down unwanted fat storage and high glucose (sugar) levels in the blood.

Phen375 has some of the highest number of positive online testimonials regarding fat burning supplements.

Phen375 key benefits:

Eliminates bingeing and craving by curbing hunger
Assists calorie breakdown by stimulating metabolism
Boosts energy levels
Sold OTC – No prescription required
Sold worldwide – 30 money back guarantee

3. 50% CGA Optimus Green Coffee Bean Extract

Chlorogenic acid (CGA) is one of the latest natural compounds used as a dietary tool to one: prevent high glucose foods breaking down through digestion, two: speed up fatty acid breakdown and three: increase liver metabolism.

When purchasing green coffee bean extract, if the product phentermine amazon in stores contains any less than 40%, then supplement is of poor quality.

Before the green coffee bean is roasted, CGA content makes up for 90% of the beans volume, but once roasted, almost all CGA is lost.

Svetol is also a patented ingredient which extracts CGA from a host of plant extracts, so 50% or more Svetol is a sufficient amount of CGA.

Important to note also is that Optimus contains very little caffeine and does not require it to speed up your metabolism. CGA works entirely different and in fact reduces your heart rate slightly while increasing your metabolic rate.

Optimus key benefits: