The Different Types of Bemis Humidifier Filters

Bemis is among the top companies in the world when it comes to the production of humidifiers as well as its accessories. One of the things that make this company amazing is the fact the fact that they’ve been around for more than 65 years and have developed the most efficient machines to reduce heating & cooling humidity within the industry.

If you own one already, you’ll know why they are considered to be one of the best on the market. However you’ll also realize that there is a necessity to replace your Bemis humidifier’s filter every often. Filters are crucial in removing your air of toxic substances and other substances that could be harmful in your own health.

While replacing the filter is fairly simple however, understanding the various types of filters may be an issue. In reality, Bemis best air humidifiers humidifier filters exist in a variety of types and functions. When you understand how these machine works and function, you’ll be able to identify what type is the most suitable to use for the humidifier you have. There are three types available on the marketplace in the present.

Mechanical Filters

They are constructed of screens that block unwanted elements such as dust and pollen. They are also known as cloth filters, wick filters or screen filters. It is by far the most popular kind of filter.

gas phase filters

The filters aren’t used to get rid of allergens, but rather to aid in eliminating unpleasant odors from your home, such as strong perfumes and paints.

Electronic Filters

Allergens are entrapped by way the electrostatic precipitators. This is because it utilizes electric charges to draw contaminants into them and then deactivate them