Ryan Giggs Secrets and Skills DVD Review

It was back in 1994, World Cup fever in the US. At the time, I couldn’t believe this DVD would exist, especially Ryan Giggs has always been my all-time hero for both Manchester United and football as a whole. I bought this DVD immediately and watch it as I got back.

The DVD plays the whole chapters including Ryan Giggs and Bobby Charlton guiding and teaching basic soccer skills, techniques and set pieces.

Then there’s the Production Interview section covering Ryan Giggs’s interview on his career and the making of this DVD.

The final section, Additional Footage showcase some significant footage featuring Ryan Giggs playing for Manchester United during his early career and scoring wonderful goals.

The DVD covers basic football skills on a football pitch featuring Ryan Giggs and Bobby Charlton along with voluntary kids.

Early part of the DVD, Ryan Giggs explains the basic ingredients on improving passing techniques showing the right spot to kick on the ball. Passing techniques varies from low and smooth passing and low and hard passing will be explained by Ryan Giggs himself and helped by Bobby Charlton.

Ryan Giggs will also show the most efficient technique on kicking long balls. The long balls will be guided in detail on swinging both the inside and outside of the football boot. One of the most difficult technique in long ball  ufabetมือถือ such as chipping are guided by both Ryan Giggs and Bobby Charlton.

One of the fun features in this DVD is that Ryan Giggs showcase his soccer juggling skills using various parts of his body like foot, knee, shoulder and head. Include also difficult techniques like headstall, neckstall and also juggling a soccer ball while sitting on the field. The camera angle on Ryan Giggs’s juggling of a soccer ball is quite impressive pointing from the above.

Ryan Giggs also had fun with the kids by playing a one-on-one dribble and showcasing one of his trademarks such as flicking a soccer ball in between defender’s leg. I love this part as I tend to replay the DVD in slow-motion over and over and try on