Residential Security Doors

There is no real way to make a residence one hundred percent secure, but you can add a major deterrent to would be thieves with a residential security door. External doors are the easiest for a thief to gain entry into your house. Most often they can simply kick in a traditional door, even a heavy wooden one with a deadbolt. It is seldom the door itself that fails, but rather the casing around the door the hinges and locks are secured to. If you are concerned about the safety of your home and your loved ones, you owe it to yourself to consider upgrading your doors.

A residential security door eliminates the easiest entry point on your home, meaning that thieves will have to work hard just to get in. Robbery is a crime of opportunity and thieves will likely move on to easier targets when confronted with such an obstacle. In fact, since professional thieves are apt to case a task beforehand, just the site of the heavy duty doors may be enough to keep them from even trying. A smart convict would have to expect a house with excellent external security to also have a top quality alarm and probably a safe. This make the work look like more and more work, hence, less and less appealing.

A professional bad person may be able to tell that your home is protected by security doors, but that does not mean that your neighbors will know. Most residential security doors are made from steel, but they are built in such a way that they can be trimmed with wood accents and painted. Doors can even be observed that are coated with a simulated wood finish that once painted cannot be distinguished from the real thing. Even better, a steel door wont sag on its hinges, or warp or rot like a wooden one. They come in a variety of styles to match any type of home, from modern to Victorian and most cannot be distinguished from their standard counterparts.

Security doors offer the best protection when they are used for all of your exterior doors. It is not worth just protecting the front when a prowler can easily walk around to the back door. In fact, many break-ins happen at back doors since residential security they tend to be out of view from neighbors, giving thieves plenty of privacy to kick away. The major improvement of a security door is the heavily constructed casing that surrounds it. The door itself is strong, but when it is locked to the casing it becomes a solid part of the house. A thief would be better off trying to kick through a wall then getting through the door.

It is also an excellent idea to install one residential security door inside your house to create a safe room for your family in case you are threatened. A large walk in closet makes a good choice and the door will blend right into the decor and you will never notice it, unless one day you need its protection. Then you will be glad you made the right choice for the safety of your family.