Football Defense – Pass Rushing

The variations of the Spread Offenses puts the ball in the air more, making it more important for defenses to successfully rush the passer. This article, part 1, will focus on Swim Move, one of 4 proven pass rushing techniques that produce a more effective pass rush.

1. Swim Move:

The Swim Move is a favorite pass rushing technique of many defensive linemen and can be the most dangerous. The pass rusher has to rise up above the blocker, however if done properly it can be one of the easiest ways to successfully rush the passer. Timing is key to a successful Swim Move, the D-linemen must beat the blocker off the snap of the ball.

Next comes a jab step designed to get the blocker off balance. This is when the defender step one direction while intending to move another. This is followed by a short balanced step using the jab foot, bring it in front of the blocker in the opposite direction. Typically the blocker will follow the first step, the jab step, and find himself off balance.

At the same time the pass rusher brings his inside arm up and reaching out to the back of the blocker, pulling the O-lineman forward, exploiting his lack of balance and swim through the offensive line to effectively rush the passer.

Once the defender swims through the line, he wants to be ufbet ราคาค่าน้ำ running at the quarterback with his hands up, fully extending and waving his arms. This puts him in position to disrupt the play by temporarily blocking the quarterback’s vision, tip the ball, knock the ball down, or make the pick. At the same time he is poised to make the quarterback rush his throw or sack the quarterback. If he can sack the QB with his arms raised the defender can bring his hands down with more force to attack the ball and possibly force the fumble.

There are pass rushing DVDS available that demonstrate more detailed rushing techniques and practice drills to successfully rush the passer. Please use the link in the resource box below to examine these videos.